Coffee Shop Rewards

Benefits of Loyalty Programs for Coffee Shops

Coffee Shop Rewards

What are the Main Benefits of a Loyalty Program for Your Coffee Shop?

You’ll Get Repeat Business!

Customer loyalty programs are the best way to encourage customers to return to your shop. They offer a free cup of coffee or other rewards, which is a great incentive to get them coming back again and again. This will help you convert a one-time customer into a regular!

Go Contactless

A digital loyalty program is an excellent idea, especially in today’s mobile driven economy. Cafe owners may want to offer a digital loyalty program to their customers in light of the current pandemic. The fact is the way we do business has changed and more than likely it will never go back to the way it was. Why not use this change as an opportunity  to boost sales and grow your customer base?

Did you know the creators of Perkly also created a Contactless QR Restaurant Menu Program? We suggest paying it a visit as it will be a great fit for your Cafe.

We’re more than a coffee shop

You can make your customer loyalty program stand out! Customers will be more inclined to buy from you if you offer free coffee for every X they purchase, than if your competitor isn’t. Make your business stand out among all the other options they have.

Sell More, More Often

Did you know that customers who are already customers spend 67% more than new customers? In fact, statistics show the top 20% of your customers can account for 80% of your revenue.

Customer loyalty programs also offer opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Let’s try an example. This promotion could be run like this…

Earn 2 Loyalty Points for every breakfast item you buy to be used towards a lunch reward!

Setting a realistic and attainable goal will ensure your loyalty program fosters repeat business and higher tickets.

Word of Mouth Referrals

People who love their coffee shop experience are more likely to recommend it to their family, friends, and coworkers.

Did you know that 92% customers trust peer reviews, while only 14% trust advertisements? It is crucial to encourage customers who have purchased from you to share their satisfaction and a rewards program is one more item they can share about why they love your business.

Turbo-Boost Slow Days and Times

A loyalty program can be a great way to boost your bottom line during quiet days and slow times.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say for some reason, Thursday afternoons are very slow at your shop. You could create a program that doubles points during that time frame. You could also have a reward that is only redeemable during that slow period too. Many of our Coffee Shop Clients have found that making rewards redeemable during a slow period can significantly increase sales during these periods, but also to total value of the tickets as well. 

Capture Important Customer Data

We’re sure you know the importance of building relationships with customers as a cafe owner is part of it’s continued success.

You’re likely to be on a first name basis with your regulars, you know what they do and don’t like, maybe you know their family members, anniversaries etc…

Although excellent customer service is essential for running a successful cafe it does not help you to capture any information about that customer such as contact details, dates and times of their visits. Having a Loyalty Program for Your Coffee Shop enables you to capture important data like that. With that information, you can use data to drive the decisions you make for your business and how you connect with your clients.

Wondering how your Coffee Shop can benefit from Perkly? Why not try our Free 30-Day Trial or speak with one of our Coffee Shop Rewards Experts?