Businesses Can Now Offer Contactless Loyalty Rewards to Their Customers Amid Social Distancing Restrictions

Jersey City, New Jersey – Social distancing restrictions continue to be enforced in many towns and cities throughout the world. There is no telling when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, which means businesses must find new ways to enhance their relationship with customers.

Emerson Scherer is the founder of, a web-based contactless loyalty rewards program that allows businesses to reward loyalty points to their customers without the need of physical contact.

As for the customers, they can receive and redeem their loyalty points without the need of handing over their mobile device or a physical card to the merchant. Instead, the customer can electronically share their personalized QR code with the merchant. Once the merchant scans the QR code on their end, they can add loyalty reward points to the customer’s account with the press of a button.

Alternatively, the customer can provide the merchant with their account ID that is listed on their personalized account screen. The merchant can enter that code into the system on their end and reward loyalty points that way too. Once the customer receives those points, they can be redeemed for various types of items and services. Some of which include restaurant meals, personal services, retail products and so on.

“We currently live in a world where COVID-19 has made physical contact a major concern for most customers and staff,” said Scherer. “Businesses need to modify their operations to ensure they are being proactive in strengthening relationships with customers. My online app is the perfect solution because it allows customers to earn and redeem loyalty reward points while adhering to social distancing restrictions too.” does not require a download. It is a 100% web-based app that can be accessed over the internet with a laptop, smartphone or tablet. It was built with simplicity, affordability and functionality in mind. That way, it can implement a simple but effective contactless rewards program for businesses that want to follow the guidelines of their local leaders and continue to grow their business at the same time.

New users of the software are entitled to a 30-day free trial.