Pizzeria Loyalty Rewards

Create the Best Rewards Program for Your Pizzeria

Pizzeria Loyalty Rewards

Pizzerias are particularly dependent on their loyal customers to be successful. It is five-times more costly to get new customers than to keep an existing customer. Customers who trust your pizzeria are more likely to spend more (around 31%), and to try new menu items. Integrating your pizzeria loyalty program is a powerful way to build trust and better relationships.

For your pizza customers, make it easy

Customers want convenience in every aspect of their brand experience. First, ensure that your loyalty program is convenient. It must be easy to join. To sign up, customers shouldn’t be required to provide a book of their personal information. With Perkly, they only need to provide their name, telephone number, and email. The loyalty program and rewards should be easy to understand, signup for and use. Keeping it simply will ensure the best chance of adoption for both your customers and staff.

Communication is key when it comes to your pizzeria loyalty program

Personalized and engaging communication are essential in any relationship.  If you are considering a loyalty rewards program for your Pizzeria, in the end, you’ll need to make everyone aware of it. Promote it on social media, on your website and have flyers in your shop letting them know about the program.

That goes for both the Customer and the Staff. You need to educate them about the existence of your loyalty program, how it works, how to use it and ultimately, how it benefits them. Perkly was developed with all those concerns and checks every box on ease of adoption and use. Our straight forward implementation and mobile first focus leverages the fact that the majority of customers will have a mobile phone on them, so signing up and using is as easy 1, 2, 3.

Ultimately, the chance of success really lands on You and Your Staff. Loyalty Rewards are not a new concept and for the most part customers know how to signup and use them. It will be up to your team to ask questions like “Are you a member of our rewards program?”, “Do you have any rewards to claim today?”, “Would you like to receive a free order of garlic knots on your next visit?” and so on.

Spread the word about your Pizzeria Loyalty program

Once you’ve created a pizza loyalty program, and all the details are in place, it’s time for customers to spread the word. To encourage sign-ups, promote your program in-store and on your website. Customers will appreciate the convenience of an online “Enroll Now” form they can fill out to sign up (Perkly has that). Customers will be more likely to complete the enrollment process if it is simple for them, especially from their phone.

Here are some other marketing strategies for loyalty programs to get the word out.

  • Post pictures of customers who have won a large reward on your social media pages. This tactic taps into customers’ fear of missing out: Customers will want to be included in the rewards program and receive a reward if they see others using it well.
  • Use signage to inform your guests about the program’s benefits and why they should sign up.
  • To entice friends and family members to join, offer a referral incentive. Perhaps you can double their points for referring someone.
  • Offer a bonus for first time signups (Perkly has this). This is a great strategy to improve new customer retention and loyalty program adoption.

Embrace the Contactless Concept

One thing that has come out of the recent pandemic is the concept of contactless customer interactions. Perkly was founded with this principle in mind and is perfectly built for this new way of doing business. Customers have come to love it, as well, it can be quite convenient. From ordering, to pickups and deliveries, contactless customer interactions are here to stay. Perkly can be 100% contactless and your customer will love it. All you need is a Mobile Phone, Tablet or 3D Bardcode Scanner to use Perkly.

Also, if you were not aware, the creators of Perkly also created a QR Restaurant Menu program for Pizzerias we highly suggest looking into. It’s the perfect compliment to a contactless customer experience.

If a restaurant loyalty program implemented correctly, it will result in happy customers who spread the word. Today’s consumers place more trust in word of mouth compared to what they may read online. Your existing customers can bring you more sales through repeat customers, and they can also help bring in new customers. A well-executed loyalty program is a win-win situation for everyone.

Wondering how your Pizzeria can benefit from Perkly? Why not try our Free 30-Day Trial or speak with one of our Pizza Shop Rewards Experts?