Frequently Asked Questions

There is no investment or credit card needed to try Perkly. We offer a 100% Free 30-day trial that includes every feature. If at the end of the trial you're still not convinced, then that's it, your trial is complete and you have 0-commitment to us.

Of course there is support. We have an excellent team of support staff to answer your questions and help you solve any issues via our support area. You can visit our support area by clicking here.

Absolutely. We suggest using our "Custom Quote Request" form by clicking this link here. Most setups range from $49-$299, but it is best to get in touch with our team so we can give you a precise quote.

If you've just signed up and are wondering what to do next, we suggest reading our Step-by-Step Perkly Setup Guide or watching our "Getting Started Video" which will walk you through each stop of the Loyalty Rewards Program creation process.

Not an issue. Perkly allows you to create Loyalty Rewards for multiple locations. The only thing you'll need to ensure is your current plan is enough to support all your locations. If you need a larger plan, you can simply upgrade your plan from your Perkly Account Dashboard.