Pizzeria Loyalty Rewards

Why Perkly for your Pizza Shop?

If you are considering a Loyalty Rewards Program for your Pizza Shop, Perkly is a simple and affordable choice. Built from the ground up with a focus on simplicity for both the Pizzeria and Customer, Perkly enables any pizzeria to create a Customer Rewards Program in minutes. Even better, Perkly is a contactless Loyalty Rewards Platform, so it aligns very well with modern concerns about social distancing. If you are looking for ways to boost profits and increase customer satisfaction, Perkly is the Loyalty Rewards platform of choice!

Why not take Perkly for a FREE 30-Day Test Drive?

Just click the button below and we'll give you 100% access to the full version of Perkly Loyalty Rewards the moment you sign up. No credit card needed! Just sign up and you'll be on your way with a fully functional Loyalty Rewards System.

Why choose Perkly Loyalty Rewards

Easy Setup

It only takes about 10 minutes to setup your Loyalty Rewards Program, so what are you waiting for?


Perkly comes with 100% of it's featured enabled, even in the demo. No up sells or upgrades needed to enjoy Perkly.


Perkly provides the most value for the lowest price. Compare plans and you'll see why Perkly is a no brainer.

No Special Hardware

Both staff and customers can use their mobile phones to use Perkly Loyalty Rewards Software.


Perkly Loyalty Rewards is built for a contactless world. Using Perkly is a snap while abiding by social distancing guidelines.

Clients Love It!

The only thing better than a customer that spends more money is a happy customer that spends more.

Great Reasons to Choose Perkly!

Separate Yourself from the Competition

Everyone loves pizza, but choosing the right pizzeria can be challenging with so much competition.

Give Customers a reason to come back

A loyalty program for customers is a great way to increase repeat business. Your pizza shop customers will come in more often and ultimately spend more money.

Attract New Customers

Pizzeria customers who are satisfied with their experience are more likely to promote your pizza shop to friends, family, and people in the community. Give them a reason to tell everyone how great you are!

Great Communication Tool

  • Having communication between your pizzeria and customers can help them engage through your rewards program
  • Informs them of promotions, new menu items, and daily specials

Boost slow days

If certain days are usually slow, you could offer special deals for your Loyalty members to encourage them to come in.

Gain valuable insights

A loyalty rewards program helps you understand what your pizzeria customers value you most.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Take Perkly for a 30-Day Test Drive. You have nothing to lose. No credit card needed.
Just sign up and launch your Loyalty Rewards Program in a matter of minutes.