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Loyalty Program Ideas for Bars & Restaurants

Bar & Restaurant Loyalty Software

Do you manage/own a Bar or Restaurant you are considering creating a Loyalty Program for?

In this short article, we’ll cover several ways to make your loyalty program a true success. After reading, we highly recommend reaching out to us as we have a wealth of experience in all verticals we serve and would love to help you make the best decision for your business.

Why reward your customers with a loyalty program?

Regular customers are more likely to sign up for your loyalty program. In fact, not only are they more likely to signup, but they’re more likely to actually use it. One of the biggest challenges of getting a loyalty rewards program off the ground is getting customers to adopt it. If you can launch your program successfully with existing customers, the new customers tend to follow thereafter. Ultimately, it will boil down to value to both You the business and the Customer getting something out of it.

Loyal guests will choose your establishment more often if you offer them rewards, and hopefully spend more. Obviously, you have to win the appreciation of all your customers through superior service, food and drinks, as well as perks such as items “on-the-house”. Daily specials and rewards can play a major boost to your bottom line if implemented correctly.

Some things to keep in mind with starting loyalty programs

  • Keep it simple: Consider how to simplify your loyalty program. Avoid lengthy surveys and physical rewards cards. You might consider a system like Perkly that allows guests to signup, earn and claim rewards all from the convenience of their mobile device. Creating a friction-less process will set the stage for the best chances of adoption and usage.
  • Offer attractive and Easy to Earn incentives: Guests should not find it difficult or too simple to get tangible rewards. The number of points shouldn’t be too high or low. This will encourage guests to return and increase their chances of receiving their free or discounted items. Also, the actual benefit you offer should really be something your customers will value. No sense in offering something nobody wants.
  • Keep your brand in mind: Your program will be more effective if it is tailored to customers wants and matches the concept of your brand. You could offer t-shirts, hats or other merchandise that promote your business as a reward for customers who like it. This way you can combine marketing and reward in one program.
  • It is important to use it wisely: In the long run, your loyalty program should work for you. You should be looking at the areas where your establishment isn’t performing to its best. You might offer discounts to encourage customers to try your specials, new drinks or perhaps attending an exclusive event. If you find that your location is less busy at certain times of the day, give double points to customers who make a purchase that day.

Bar and Restaurant Loyalty Programs in restaurants have one goal: to increase the number of customers who frequent your business. You will be successful if your customers are satisfied and feel that they can benefit from patronizing your establishment.

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