Juicebar Loyalty

Read this before starting your Juice Bar Loyalty Program

Juicebar Loyalty

A juice bar’s ability and willingness to sign up guests is key to its success. A well-designed loyalty program can increase guest frequency and average total ticket, which in turn potentially leads to higher revenue.

First Step: You must first convince your customers to join your juice bar loyalty program. Here are some ways to do it:

1. Easy Signups

Concentrate on gathering the minimum information necessary to easily onboard guests into your rewards program. The customer will be more likely to sign up if it is faster and easier. Instead of asking for too many details (e.g., name, home address, birthday, etc.), simply ask the customer to provide their email address. 

There is a good chance that you can capture additional information once guests sign up. You can offer bonus points to guests for signing up. SMS text messaging and mobile technologies can make signing up as simple as sending an email address to a customer. To maximize enrollment, reduce complexity as much as possible.

Did you know Perkly was built to be easy to sign-up and manage? Perkly Juice Bar Loyalty Rewards can be 100% managed from a mobile phone.

2. Promote it Everywhere

Marketing efforts should be focused on areas where guests are most likely to read the material and take action.

Juice Bars can include information about their loyalty programs in the menu board or on their website. As they are considering their options, its is a great time to promote your loyalty program, especially while they are ordering. Who doesn’t like saving money?

3. Train Your Staff

Your most valuable marketing assets are your staff. They interact with guests, so it is crucial that they know all details about your  customer loyalty program, how loyalty affects your business and the answers to any frequently asked questions customers may have about your program.

4. Reward Your Staff

It’s no secret that employees are motivated by money. It is also a good idea to have friendly competition among employees in order to get staff members excited about signing up guests.

The staff member with the highest number of guests signed up in a given month will be awarded a cash prize. To keep the contest top of mind, place a staff leader board in the back office. It is worth it to keep your staff focused on building lasting relationships with your guests by giving them a gift card or a nice bottle of wine.

5. Offer Sign Up Perks

Your guests will be less hesitant to sign up if they see immediate benefits to signing up for your rewards program. To create urgency and give your guests a reason to sign up, offer a coupon for their next visit, double their points, or a free menu item.

6. Create a Point-Based System

One point per dollar spent by customers in juicebar rewards programs is a common reward strategy. This is the model that many restaurant loyalty programs use. Example: Customers receive ten dollars for every 100 dollars they spend with their card.

This is mainly the prefered method as it is easy for both staff and customers to understand. Keeping it simple will greatly increase the chances of you having a very successful loyalty program.

7. Use Loyalty Software

You might want to digitize your Juice Bar’s customer loyalty program if you still use punch cards. Ever since the pandemic, having the ability to social distance while conducting business has become so much more important. Perkly is a 100% contactless loyalty program, so it is the perfect fit if you are looking for an easy system that can be managed without contact.

8. Track it

It’s a good idea for juice bar loyalty programs to begin tracking their ROI. Understanding their behavior can help you to improve and optimize the program. Numerous loyalty programs offer statistics and tracking that can help you measure success.

Perkly gives you the ability to segment your customers with data points you define. You decide what demographics you want to track such as Age, Gender, Time of Day, Average Spend etc.. This type of data helps you track success and identify gaps and gains, to ensure you can use data to make smarter decisions when it comes to your Juice Bar Loyalty Program.

Perkly provides it’s Juice Bar customers a 30-Day Free Trial, but we’re flexible, if you need more time or need help, we’re here to help (contact us) and will extend your trial if that’s what it takes to ensure you get the best chance of success.