Dry Cleaner Loyalty Software

Read this before starting a Loyalty Program for Your Dry Cleaning Business

Dry Cleaner Loyalty Software

If you own or manage a Dry Cleaning business and are looking for ways to improve customer retention and also attract new customers, a loyalty rewards program might be worth looking into. To be upfront, we can’t say with all certainty that a rewards program is good for your business or that it will even work. This really boils down to a multitude of factors, however, from our experience, when approached with good planning, setting realistic goals and having a long term vision, loyalty rewards might be a great fit.

We’ve put together some pointers for Dry Cleaning Business Rewards Programs and hope you find it informative.

Loyalty and retention are more important than ever

The fact of the matter is there is no shortage of competition out there competing to acquire your customers and keep their own, and it will always be that way. With that said, besides providing superior service, what else are you offering your customers to ensure they remain loyal to your business? What are you doing to not only attract new customers, but when you do, keep them coming back? The key point here is nurturing loyalty and improving retention. A well planned out loyalty program might just be the next piece of the puzzle to continued success for your business.

Boost Ticket Totals – Increase Profits

One of the keys to increasing your dry-cleaning company’s profits is solidifying customer loyalty. If you put in the effort using a framework, (like a loyalty program) that involves the customer in the process, they’ll be more invested in it and see the actual value.

Establish a close personal relationship

Loyalty is built on trust. You must build a good relationship with each customer who visits your dry cleaning business. If customers feel that the relationship is mutually beneficial, they will be more than likely be loyal to you. Be caring and expressive. Take an interest in them and the things they care about. Like they say, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Seems very simple right? Well, to be honest, sometimes life get’s the best of us and we get caught up in all the distractions and annoyances life tends to throw at us at the worst times. So in all honestly, it’s easier said than done and is quite easy to fall out of practice.

Do more than you think!

People are often very busy these days. So go above and beyond to help your customers. Drop dry cleaning at someone’s office if necessary, meet them in person, and take the time to answer any questions or resolve problems. Customers will be more loyal if you do your best to help them. Customers will appreciate the small things you do.

Offer them deals that they won’t accept

You want to grab your customers’ attention and keep them engaged? Great deals are especially important during the holiday season. You should make them as profitable as possible. It is important to offer great deals during the holidays that will save your customers both time and money. Customers love surprises and all kinds of gifts. Customers love personalized thank-you cards and access to special events. Give customers rewards beyond discounts. Maybe you double their points on a particular transaction to ensure they can get that special reward early.

Prioritize customer service

Customers will continue to come back to your dry-cleaning company if you make customer service a top priority. You can “WOW” customers every time an employee or you help them. You can work to reduce wait times, answer customers’ questions via social media and help solve their problems.  We’re sure you see a common theme here. It’s all about being customer focused. We’re not saying to blindly do things for the sake of trying to the detriment of your profitability. For instance, a loyalty program can be a huge boost to your business, but it has to be done right. Perkly Dry Cleaning Loyalty Experts are always happy to help you plan and execute a successful loyalty strategy.

Invest more in customers who are regulars

Research has shown that 20% of a company’s customers are responsible for 80 percent of its business. Recognize your customers and invest in them, especially if they are loyal during low periods of business. Give them extra attention. One of the side effects of having stellar customer service is the fact that these patrons will spread the word about your business. We all know the benefits of word of mouth referrals and if you treat your customer right, they’ll tell the world.

Try implementing a loyalty program

In today’s economy, especially post pandemic, if your business has survived, congratulations. With that said you can’t rest on your past successes. As we’re sure you are aware, some of your competitors have survived too, in fact, recently, it’s even possible new competitors have sprung up as well. What are you doing, besides superior customer service to ensure your current customers stay and you continue attracting new ones? An easy to sign-up and use Loyalty Program might just be what you need. Sure, there are world class enterprise solutions available to large businesses, but options does your dry cleaning business have?

Perkly was developed with ease of use and management in mind. You don’t need a PhD to use Perkly Rewards Platform. Our system only takes 10-minutes to setup and is a snap for both staff and customers to use.

Perkly provides it’s Dry Cleaning Clients a 30-Day Free Trial, but we’re flexible, if you need more time or need help, we’re here to help (contact us) and will extend your trial if that’s what it takes to ensure you get the best chance of success.