Salon Rewards Programs – The What and How?

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Loyalty programs for salons are a great way of showing appreciation and keeping clients happy.

Every business wants to be the “go-to” place for their clients. Small businesses and their loyal customers had to endure difficult changes during the COVID-19 crisis. It is important that small businesses reopen doors to their customers to grow and get back on track.

It is five-times more costly to win new clients than it is to keep an existing client. And, returning clients are 67% more likely to spend than new ones. Statistics show that customer loyalty is a profitable strategy for continued growth. Your salon can make a leap by focusing your marketing strategies on customer retention.

While customer retention is important for growing your business’s success, client acquisition must always be just as much a priority. Salon loyalty programs are a simple and effective way salon owners can attract and nurture a loyal customer base.

What is Salon Loyalty Program?

A salon loyalty program is a reward system that a company offers to its customers. These programs can give customers coupons, merchandise free of charge, or even new products before official release.

In order to ensure you have a healthy customer base, you must invest enough time and money into customer loyalty programs that add extra value to the clients.

How to create a salon loyalty program?

Understanding your customers’ buying habits is the first step in creating a loyalty program that works for your salon. Customers who use your products and services regularly are called regular customers. These clients are happy with your services and tend to be loyal regardless.

Sporadic customers refers to clients who only visit your salon a couple of times a year or on special occasions. You can identify both regular and sporadic customers to create loyalty programs that cater to each group.

Once you’ve identified the buying habits of your customers, you can create a loyalty program to encourage them to purchase more and more often. You have many options for creating a loyalty program in your salon. Ultimately, salon rewards programs engage clients and make them feel valued.

Here are some ways salon loyalty programs can benefit your salon.

  1. Customer loyalty programs encourage repeat business and motivate them to take additional actions. Customers will be motivated to book early if there are rewards points. Reward points can be used to encourage customers to shop at your shop even if they have previously purchased the same products elsewhere.
  2. Word of mouth is one the most cost-effective and efficient ways to attract new clients. Although organic search results may sometimes be biased by paid ads, people’s experiences are always the best. Referring clients will increase their chances of referring more clients and earning free services by offering rewards or loyalty points.
  3. Many people aren’t comfortable giving out their personal information online because of the increasing security threats. You can still access customer information, such as email addresses and telephone numbers, if they sign up for loyalty programs. You can follow up with your customers after they have completed a service and engage them through newsletters using the email you’ve captured when they signed up for your program.

In closing

Loyalty programs for salon clients are a great way to keep your clients happy. Salon loyalty programs can help you create happy clients who act as ambassadors for your salon. Keep it simple when setting up a salon loyalty program and ease into it. Customers should find your program easy to understand and even simpler to use. Perkly checks both of those boxes!

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