Step 2: Creating Your Businesses

Account Homepage

Click on Create Business

The thing to keep in mind about Perkly is you can have multiple businesses (locations), each with their own Staff, Campaigns and Rewards. So if this is your first time, the system will let you know you don't have any businesses yet, so you'll need to click the "Create Business" button.

Enter Business Details

  1. Select Your Industry (this is mandatory and allows us to improve our platform).
  2. Enter Your Business (location) name
  3. Upload a Logo if you have one.

Enter Contact Details

  1. Enter Your Contact Email Address (this is the address you want customers to be able to email you at. This can be the same email you created your account with.)
  2. Enter Your Business (Location) Phone Number
  3. Enter Your Website

Enter Social LInks

Here you can enter links to your various Social Profiles

Create Custom Links

This section allows you to create custom links to various pages on your website such as Hours, Directions, Menus/Pricing etc..