Step 5: Creating a Campaign

Under Loyalty Programs, click on "Create Campaign" on the left menu. (shown below)
Since you are more than likely setting this up for the first time, you'll need to click on "Create Campaign" button.

Enter Campaign Details

  1. Select the Business (Location) this reward is active for.
  2. Give your campaign a name
  3. How many points will you give a customer for signing up?
  4. If you have experience with DNS, you can actually create a Perkly subdomain to use for your rewards program. It could be something like

Using a subdomain is not mandatory as Perkly will automatically create a customer Perkly Loyalty Rewards Website for you, so if this all sounds complicated, don't worry about it right now and just proceed.

Assign Reward(s) to Campaign

You can assign the reward(s) you created in the prior step to your campaign.

If you have multiple rewards created, you can assign them all of them here as well.

Loyalty Reward Point Assignment

We suggest leaving this step as it is for now and just clicking the "Redeem Rewards" Tab. If you do want to customize, you can check/uncheck the methods that are used to assign Loyalty Points to customers.

Loyalty Reward Redemption

We also suggest you simply skip this step unless you know what you are doing and clicking on the "Content" tab. Here you can check/uncheck how Loyalty Rewards are Redeemed.

Edit Top Bar

Here you'll enter your Loyalty Rewards Program custom Page Title and Headline. Once you're complete and you've reviewed your Custom Perkly Rewards Website, you can come back and edit this section to your liking.

Enter Homepage Details

This content will show on the main portion of the custom Perkly Loyalty Rewards Website.

Customize "Earn Points" page

Here you can enter a title, description as well as upload an image.

Customize "Redeem Points" page

Here you can add a Title, Description and Header Image.

Customize Contact Page

Enter your "Contact Page" title, description and header image.

Customize Background and Text

Here you'll customize the background of your Loyalty Rewards content.

Customize Primary Background and Text

This will set/modify the background and text colors of your header and footer areas.

Customize Secondary Background and Text

This will customize the area below your Header (Primary) Section

Customize Mobile Background and Text

Here you'll customize the background of your mobile menu.


If you have made it this far, you have successfully set up your Loyalty Rewards Program.